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Tuva Interactive's process gets results for your business
Tuva Interactive's process gets results for your business

Our Focus and Values

We help clients become great by leveraging internet technologies to solve their needs.

We are creative and innovative thinkers, and trusted partners, that combine form and function to deliver relevant and valuable solutions. And, we have fun doing it!


Animated atom symbol Richard Feynman, the inspiration behind the name of Tuva Interactive

Why Tuva Interactive?

Our name, Tuva Interactive, is inspired by Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman. So what does Tuva, a Russian republic in central Asia have to do with a physicist? Well, quite a lot actually.

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About Us

At Tuva Interactive we specialize in creating highly interactive web sites and custom web-based applications.

We enjoy discovering and developing solutions that leverage internet technologies to achieve results for our clients.

  • Increased sales and position in the market
  • Interactive engagement with customers
  • Improved business precesses and productivity
  • Integrated applications and data
  • Innovative ideas and market differentiators

Tuva Interactive was founded in 1996 to provide quality web design and development services. Since then we have grown to become one of the most accomplished website and application development firms in the Midwest, with clients of all sizes that span every industry. We are based in St. Louis, Missouri, and have clients throughout the country.

Our Team

Tuva Interactive has a seasoned team of professionals who live, breathe and dream about the interactive web experience.

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What We Are Talking About

Utilizing Social Media to Impact Value and Relevance

Thursday, 16 January 2014
by Ken Mocabee

Social media can be a wondrous thing. At its best, it can be a direct channel to the people who care about you and your brand. However, because it is so easy to share, recommend, endorse and republish it becomes the modus operandi of some marketing folks to communicate everything, and anything, and not put forth the effort to establish the relevance of their social media actions.

To bring value and relevance to your online interactions you have to make sure your initiatives are not only the right focused efforts but also the best investment of actions in the applicable social media platform.

Case in point, LinkedIn is a great site for business networking, and I’ve been a huge fan of it for years. However, their recent roll-out last year of their new endorsements engine has been a disaster in my opinion. When you look at someone’s profile in LinkedIn, it presents you with a quick and easy way to endorse them. Just check a few boxes, and you have said you think this person is an expert in various disciplines and skills.

And clearly this has been a huge success as far as LinkedIn is concerned. Endorsements have sky-rocketed. So what’s not to like about that? Well, I first noticed the problem with this when I started getting lots of endorsements from people who barely know me. These are people who have connected with me through associates, but I’ve never done business with them, or even talked with them. But still I get endorsements from them.

The result is that the value of a LinkedIn endorsement is close to zero.

What still has lots of weight though are the LinkedIn Recommendations. Where the Endorsements require no effort, Recommendations are written and require some thought. The value is in the effort – the investment I put in to writing a testimonial gives it far more value and credibility.

By focusing and investing in the right actions you will see the relevance and value of your social media interactions increase.

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