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Since 1996, Tuva Interactive has specialized in creating custom and highly interactive websites, portals, and applications.

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Animated atom symbol Richard Feynman, the inspiration behind the name of Tuva Interactive

Why Tuva Interactive?

Our name, Tuva Interactive, is inspired by Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman. So what does Tuva, a Russian republic in central Asia have to do with a physicist? Well, quite a lot actually.

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About Us

At Tuva Interactive we specialize in creating highly interactive web sites and custom web-based applications.

We enjoy discovering and developing solutions that leverage internet technologies to achieve results for our clients.

  • Increased sales and position in the market
  • Interactive engagement with customers
  • Improved business precesses and productivity
  • Integrated applications and data
  • Innovative ideas and market differentiators

Tuva Interactive was founded in 1996 to provide quality web design and development services. Since then we have grown to become one of the most accomplished website and application development firms in the Midwest, with clients of all sizes that span every industry. We are based in St. Louis, Missouri, and have clients throughout the country.

Our Team

Tuva Interactive has a seasoned team of professionals who live, breathe and dream about the interactive web experience.

What We Are Talking About

Chase Clettenberg joins the Tuva team!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
by Tuva Interactive

Chase ClettenbergThe Tuva team is growing! We are so excited to announce that Chase Clettenberg recently joined us as our latest developer. A Mizzou graduate, Chase brings great enthusiasm and attention to detail to the development team. After teaching in Korea for three years, Chase has returned back to the mid-west to feed his passion to code. Let’s get to know Chase better…

What do you love most about programming?

Creating something concrete out of ideas. I really like that process. Being able to think of something and then make it happen. That power that you have is addicting I think. Being able to go “I’d really like for my movies at home to be organized this way.” And knowing that with a little bit of time and work you can do it. Once you learn how to program with computers you can do whatever you want with them. And it’s a powerful thing.

How was your experience of living in Korea?

It was good. My wife and I were there for there for three years teaching. We got to travel quite a bit through Asia while we were there. We went to Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Hong-Kong, Macaw, Philippines, and Hawaii which was really fun. It’s really great to be in a culture, not just as a tourist, but to live there for a while and get an understanding of it. 

How did your international experiences help you become a better developer?

It just opens my eyes, and I’m able to step into shoes of a client or think about how a site will be used. 

Do you have a favorite free-time activity?

Music. I really like my music. Anything and everything. Anything from Katy Perry to the Foo Fighters, but mostly rock, indie rock, some rap. I also play. Piano is my main instrument.  But I can also play guitar and a little rudimentary drums.

What's your spirit animal?

I guess a penguin. I like the way they move and waddle. They just have a good sense. 

Truman the Tiger or Big Jay?

Oh, come on. Truman the Tiger. That’s easy.



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