Protecting Public Health & the Environment

The Challenge

Saint Louis Household Hazardous Waste is a regional partnership to provide options for proper management of Household Hazardous Waste for the residents of Saint Louis County, Saint Louis City and Jefferson County. Tuva was tasked to build a community-facing communications website, with a reservation system for scheduling drop-offs at their new recycling facility.  

The Solution

There were two simultaneous tracks for the project. While the Tuva creative team was creating the branding, logo and site design, the development team was building the applications. The reservation system was particularly challenging, with complex rules for funding, address verification, notifications and specific requirements for each of the three regional partners.

The Result

The HHW website launched in 2013 and was an immediate success. The discovery process ensured that all critical requirements were accounted for, and the system performed flawlessly out of the gate. The design is engaging, and the site serves the community extremely effectively.

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