Classroom Library Management Made Simple

The Challenge

Capsa Labs was looking for a web-based solution as a replacement for their mobile app, Book Retriever, which manages classroom-based libraries for teachers. The old mobile app was hard to maintain and had limited functionality, and their users needed new features and a more universal application.

The Solution

Tuva Interactive built an entirely new, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and subscription business model for Book Retriever, with a web-based application and a companion native mobile Scanning App. A robust system architecture, and a friendly, consumer-facing UI provides an engaging user experience for their subscribers.

The branding was important for the Book Retriever project, and the Tuva creative team developed a new logo and a bright, clean color palette. This branding extends from the website to broadcast emails and marketing collateral.

The Result

The new Book Retriever has had an incredible impact and has changed the way teachers and students interact with their classroom libraries. The new app makes it easy for teachers to find the right books for their students, and loss rates have plummeted from a typical 15-20% per year to under 5%, saving teachers and schools thousands of dollars.

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