Loyalty Reward Program for Professionals

The Challenge

Affinity Center International (ACI) was a loyalty rewards program aimed at professional associations. The association’s members would earn points through online purchases and gain reward for themselves or their business. The ACI platform included four separate platforms that all had to work seamlessly together. Tuva was brought in to re-develop and design the entire platform network and had a short timeline to launch.

The Solution

Tuva facilitated an accelerated discovery process to help meet the tight timeline. The main ACI platform was a large undertaking as it required integration with the product purchasing service, product redemption service, points bank and other ACI platforms. Coordination between all the API vendors was a key component to the project’s success. In addition to the main purchasing and redemption platform, Tuva built platforms for gift card purchasing, charity donations and a specific business redemption system.

The Result

Tuva successfully built the reworked sites for their platforms ahead of schedule and without major bugs. The main platform seamlessly bridged the gap between the purchasing and redemption platforms. The system included numerous API integrations, large-scale server and data management including traffic load-balancing. The user experience was tailored to each association including logos, brand colors, and imagery. This gave the association’s member a customized experience.